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What I want to accomplish

  • Make some glass slugs for testing polishing processes

What I've done

I bought another muffin pan and pre-fired it. This destroyed it. I think the oxide layers that formed were thicker than the metal in the pan. It had the consistency of a Sao biscuit.

I ordered a set of four stainless steel drinking cups from ebay. I pre-fired them. There was lots of black gunk on the outside afterwards, but I scrubbed it off with a wire brush, and then scoured with sand. They were still black, but without loose contaminants. They kept their strength.

I applied a single layer of batwash and dried them on a hotplate. I measured out 130g of crushed glass into each of the four cups and ran them through the same profile as last time:

Initial results were promising.

However during the rough grinding pass one of the slugs fell in half.

A gentle tap with a hammer split another in half too.

I believe there are two problems:

  • There are veins of impurities running through the glass,
    • These will create a weak point for a crack to start.
  • My tempering profile could be improved,
    • The current profile I'm using was created for tempering float glass. Container glass is slightly different, and so may require a different profile.


What I want to accomplish next time

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