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This project is about creating a long-lasting artefact that does something interesting.

The current plan is to create a glass sphere with a cavity in the centre containing some electronics.

Here's a list:

  • Self-powered,
    • Solar,
    • Peltier and thermal mass,
    • Supercapacitor.
  • Resilient,
    • High or low pressure,
      • Bottom of ocean,
      • Vacuum.
    • Shock,
      • Drop-proof to at least 1m onto a hard surface.
    • Background radiation.
      • IR,
      • UV,
      • Cosmic rays.
  • Long-lasting,
    • A decade at minimum, preferably much longer.
  • Interesting,
    • Least to most interesting:
    1. A light,
    2. A blinking light,
    3. A light that blinks a morse coded message,
    4. A screen that displays a message,
    5. Interactivity,
      1. Covering the solar panel can be an input.
    6. Displaying a random wikipedia article.

Core areas of work:

Work logs:

Youtube playlist

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