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What I want to accomplish

  • Cut out the top board.

What I've done

Dithered a lot

Dither dither.

Just do it

I felt like I'd done enough experiments and preparation. I threw down some sacrificial particleboard, marked the centre of the board and drilled a 12mm hole, then set up my jig and went for it.


Barely cut into the particle board underneath.

It looks great!

A sand around the circumference with some 180 grit sandpaper removed the burrs. I am very extremely happy with the result. There are two or three small voids around the edge. I picked up some wood putty of approximately the right colour and smooshed it into them. I am confident it will sand up very nicely.

What I want to accomplish next time

  • Glue the offcuts and cut out the base,
  • Drill the hole in the centre of the top,
  • Attach the bands to the base.

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