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What I want to accomplish

  • Decide what to buy,
  • Buy it.

What I've done

I decided to go with oil-based varnish and stain because I like the smell and it's much cheaper.


This smells incredible.


This will be going in the gutter and on the strips. I'm thinking of staining only the outer of the edge strips and leaving the inner au naturale, for some contrast.


I had intended to get the gloss instead of the satin. I looked at some comparison photos and the difference wasn't huge. I think the surface will be plenty glossy thanks to the wax.


I should be able to cut the top piece out of the centre, and the bottom piece out of the corners.

Edge strip


From here. I got some red and some natural, because that's all they had in stock.

Budget so far

Item Type Price (AUD) Pro rata
Wax Feast and Watson Natural Carnauba Wax $41.40 5%
Stain British Paints Timberprotect One Coat Stain Oil-based Oak $13.90 10%
Varnish Cabot's Cabothane Clear Oil-based Satin $34.00 20%
Plywood 12mm Premium BC grade 1200×897 $35.25 100%
Edge Tasmanian Oak 35x4mm Square edge $13.86 x 2 100%
Disks Crokinole Discs Premium $10.51 x 2 100%
Router bits Ultra 12 Piece 12.7mm Router Bit Set $50.89 5%
Total $224.18
Per board Total $96.79

What I want to accomplish next time

  • Do some test cuts of some scrap plywood with the router,
  • Build a circle-cutting jig for the router

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