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I made a Crokinole board

Work logs


Imperial, unfortunately.

  • 26“ playing surface,
  • 1-3/8” centre hole, 1/4“ deep,
  • 4” from centre to inner circle,
  • 8“ from centre to middle circle,
  • 12” from centre to outer circle,
  • 2“ gutter,
  • 1/4” edge,
  • Lines from 1/16“ to 1/8” thick,
  • Posts 1/4“ in diameter.


Wood - Playing surface and gutter

12mm Marine grade plywood is $60.65, Premium is $29.75 or $35.25. I don't know why the bigger piece of premium ply is cheaper. I think I'll just pick a piece that looks nice.

Many builds don't have two layers underneath the centre section of the board, rather they use offcuts to form the rim and glue it together. I think I might make mine out of two circles of thinner (10mm? 8mm?) ply glued together. This gives me continuous grain in the gutter, and is faster to build.

Wood - Edge

Soak it in hot water. Bend it around a round thing. Circumference is 2155mm, and I want two layers of this, so two 2.4m lengths. Cut both in half after bending. Offset joins 90°.

People also talk of ammonia for softening wood for bending. Sounds smelly.


I want two different colours, lighter on the playing surface and darker in the gutter. Either two stains, or just a dark one on the gutter.


Water based polyurethane:

  • + Dries quicker,
  • + Smells less,
  • - Double the price.



Buy them pre-made.


Vinyl tube over dowel pins.


I'll cut the lines in with the router, do a few coats of varnish, then fill in the grooves with some varnish whitened with titanium dioxide? Maybe?

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